intrepidly_lost (intrepidly_lost) wrote in trapped_feeling,

Here we go.

I confess that I have had feelings for two of which I thought I
might have been in love with. She knew the whole time even though I
never told was unnecissery, she was quite aware. The first one
is a lesbian and is a really good friend of mine I was attracted to her
the first time I meant her and I thought she would be the only
girl I'd ever fall for....atleast that's what I had hoped for.
Now I have found myself having this feeling once again with
another girl who is also with a girl right now and it's her first time
ever being in a lesbian relationship.They have now been together
for two years and it seems like their relationship is going strong.
At first I was scared that I had found myself having these feelings again but now
I truly think that it's possible that it could continue to happen
if and when I get over the amazing girl I'm into right now. The only
issue is, I can't stand to be away from her for five minutes.
I think about her all the time and I can't seem to get her off my mind.
Her smile will haunt me for hours until I crave for more
and her eyes....I'm telling you, you've never seen eyes like this before.
She has this distinct personality to her....she's one of those types of people
that doesn't see how good of a person they are. She doesn't see why
people would want to be with her. That's how amazing she is.
She's the best at almost everything she does, but she won't live up to it
because for some reason she always thinks she could have done a better job.
She's amazing, I've wanted to be with her for quite sometime now but
I feel like I'm getting too close, she knows I like her but I don't think she
knows just how deep I'm falling for her....I'm not sure what to do.
She's taken and I can't pursue anything more than us flirting.
I could use some advice...any kind about this subject really.
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